Maverick The Collection is a Direct Sales clothing company founded by Stephanie Jonas. We strive to provide financial freedom, aspire confidence and empower women (all while wearing an extremely stylish outfit). Maverick The Collection is a hand curated selection of “urban boho” inspired clothing line. Our goal is to carry a selection of clothing that speaks to every woman, in every phase of her life. Maverick is made of a group of #bossbabes and #entreprenuers selling clothes and leading teams to make “living your best life” a reality. We utilize social media to showcase our brand and what we represent. At Maverick, our “Mavies” (what we call someone who joins our tribe) work smarter, not harder. Want to know more? Keep reading!


As a customer the only way you’ll be able to shop is through one of our Mavies. Every Mavie is provided with their own website where you will be able to smoothly and simplistically purchase the clothing. Each Mavie will have a different selection of clothing on their website since our styles are limited and constantly changing. We typically switch out our whole inventory once a month! This ensures we are always showcasing the trendiest and sought-after pieces. You can find a Mavie by going to our website and then to our “Find a Mavie” section. You can also search on IG or FB by the hashtag #mavietribe.


We are ALWAYS looking for girl bosses, fashion gurus and entreprenuers to join our tribe. The only way to join is by signing up-under another Mavie. There is a short application located on our website and on each Mavies’ personal website. Once you fill out the form, you’ll receive a Welcome message within 72 hours. Once you do, you are officially a Mavie! You now belong to a group of individuals who are ready to support and help you succeed not only in your business but in life. The business is easy, you buy at wholesale pricing, sell at retail pricing, you lead a team of entrepreneurs and help others achieve success all while getting paid. You show the world that freedom, confidence and becoming the best version of yourself is possible if you just believe in yourself.

Do you take returns?

Please see our Returns and Shipping policy section.

Are these your own designs?

No, currently Maverick The Collection is private labeling all the collection. We are working with numerous manufactures to pick unique, trendy pieces for a collection of pieces that embodies a strong, confident woman. The goal for next year is to carry our own designs and produce the clothing from start to finish.

Why did you start this company?

I felt there was a gap in the industry between online trendy boutiques and MLM clothing companies. I felt like every MLM clothing company that previously existed was so specific with their clothing. I wanted to create a company that had variety and was able to change quickly with the ever-new styles emerging. I envied online boutiques while I was selling another MLM’s clothing. I couldn’t understand why a company couldn’t embody all the features of an online boutique but also offer the same benefits of an MLM. That is when Maverick was created in my mind.

I truly feel that I’ve combined the best of both worlds. You are now able to own your own on trend, online boutique all while being able to make income from personal sales and/or leading a team. It doesn’t get any better does it?


Can I sell Maverick and another MLM company?

Yesss girl. We promote entrepreneurs so who are we to say no?! We just ask that you don’t sell for another MLM clothing company. More clarification is in our policies and procedures. 


Is there a waiting period to become a Mavie?

Yes, currently we are not taking on stylists until February. We are  also only  taking on a small number of stylists during that time and then in March, we will allow everyone to join.


Do you have to purchase a package to become a Mavie?

Yes , we are currently working on our packages! Rest assured we are creating packages that will allow your business to flourish right out of the gates, without breaking the bank. We are currently working on three different sized packages. Each of these packages will be handpicked by Stephanie (owner of Maverick) but you will be able to see which styles you are receiving beforehand. Our goal is to give each stylist a hand curated selection of all our best-selling styles without over loading them with too much inventory to start! 


How do I make money as a Mavie?

Once you become a Mavie you’ll have complete access to our back-end software that will have everything you need to start selling. You are provided with a personalized website that will have all your inventory purchased pre-loaded for you. We give you the pricing suggestion and then will choose how you want to sell. In home parties, online through IG, FB or just sending your friends and family your website link. From there, you purchase wholesale from us then sell for retail. You keep the profit! All your transactions will be run through our system and the money will be deposited right into your bank account!

Example – you purchase a sweater for $30, you sell it on your website for $60. You keep the $60 and profit $30. Too easy right?

You then also earn money by your own personal sales and building a team. You will earn a bonus for hitting certain sales levels and then you will earn a % from your “downline.” 

We are always working on bettering ourselves so our ‘pre-liminary compensation plan” will be released early this year and will undergo some changes as we grow.


Do I have to build a team?

NO! if you’re just interested in selling the clothes, that’s great! We have created enough profit margin for you to earn a great income solely just from that!


If you have any questions, please reach out to us at